A Guide To Vaping: Getting The Right E-Cig For Your Needs

When you see vapers on the street, they tend to be using big, boxy devices and producing voluminous plumes of vapor: but is that the right type of device for somebody just switching to vaping? Or should you go with something with a more familiar, cigarette-like appearance? Making this decision isn’t easy, especially if you’re completely new to vaping and finding the whole thing a little overwhelming.

This infographic was designed to help you navigate the diverse range of devices on the market with ease. Split into three sections – covering “cigalikes,” eGo-style devices and the often-boxy “mods” you see vapers using – the infographic covers the basic characteristics of each type of device, what their benefits and limitations are, and what type of smokers or vapers they’re best suited to. It doesn’t offer a prescriptive set of instructions, though, it just gives you all of the information you need to find the right type of e-cigarette for what you need or want out of it. With the information contained within, it will help to narrow down your choices considerably.


Source: https://www.blacknote.com