The Greek Islands and Island Hopping

The islands of Greece have long been a destination for European travellers and those from further afield also. The 6000 islands that Greece has to offer mean that there is something for all tastes and ages. If it is rest and relaxation you desire, you will find that on these island paradises. If it is more of a party atmosphere that you wish to find, these islands will satisfy that for you also.

With stunning scenery, food and friendly people, the Greek islands are an excellent destination of choice. Crete is the largest island but perhaps Santorini has enjoyed more press in recent years, having been the location and setting of certain big budget movies including the worldwide hit, Mamma Mia.
This info-graphic charts the geography of these beautiful islands, suggests the best time of year to travel and gives some other interesting information and tips that will come in useful.

The Greek Islands and island hopping