Hot Roller Buying Guide for 2017

Here’s what to consider when shopping for heated rollers:

1. Type Of Roller

Rollers are made of different materials and each material is vital to the roller’s heating technology. Sponge rollers are made of foam and they utilize steam to lock in the curl. You can choose these if you want rollers that take less time to prep and heat. Ceramic rollers produce make use of ceramic and infrared technology to produce curls without frizz. For wax rollers, they are able to stay hot longer making sturdier curls that also last for hours.

2. Roller Weight And Size

The size and weight of your rollers will depend on the kind of curl you’d like. Choose large rollers for big curls and small rollers for ringlets. However, you will also have to balance the kind of roller with your hair type. Light rollers are not effective for thick hair while large and heavy rollers might not stay put on fine hair.

3. Temperature Setting For Hair Type

Heated rollers that have variable temperature settings are best. If you have thin hair, choose lower heat settings but if you have coarse hair, opt for higher heat settings.