10 Easy Songs for Piano Anyone Can Play

Think you have to start with “Mary Has a Little Lamb” when learning how to play piano? Think again! Learning your favorite songs is easy. Like guitar, we use chords when playing popular songs on piano as well. Most popular songs have a 3-4 chord progression that can easily be applied to piano, even if there is no piano in the song.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned player, we have put together an infographic showing you how to play 10 popular songs ranging from classic rock to modern hits. Follow each chord chart in order and you will be playing each song in under 5 minutes. Once you have a song mastered, test yourself and see if you can play along with the actual artist/band. Remember to take it slow and have fun!


Source: https://lessonsonthego.com/blog/10-easy-piano-songs/