20 Healthy Food Swaps to Cut Calories

This infographic shows 20 healthy food swaps to cut calories. According to the infographic, the most effective way is to cut your calorie intake by at least 500 a day. That should produce one pound a week weight loss, which is considered healthy. Research shows that the best way to do that is through swapping similar foods for a lower calorie version. Among the specific swaps given is bagel for whole wheat English muffin, Bologna for turkey, mayonnaise for mustard, butter for low-fat yogurt, etc. In case you like nuts, it would be better to swap the for popcorn.

Surprisingly, it would be better for your health to swap fruit juice for iced green tea. Besides, three steps to success are provided in the infographic as well. First, you could always cut out some calories by making scrambled egg whites with Canadian bacon. Next, eat a sandwich on whole wheat flatbread. Finally, eat tofu shirataki noodles to cut calories.


Source: http://www.getslimmerguide.com/