5 Things You Can Do Around the Home to Help the Environment

Did you know that you can help the environment at home? Living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It can start right in your own home — and this infographic shows you how.

With a striking and vibrant design, you will learn five easy ways to instantly make your home more environmentally friendly. These can range from using less paper, recycling items to reduce the amount of waste you create, boycotting the use of plastic bags and making the switch to less toxic cleaning products.

The infographic also includes lesser known tips and tricks such as avoiding products with microbeads — harmful plastic particles that can make it back into the water supply and the ocean.

The infographic shows you how, in just five easy steps, you can create a ‘greener’ and more environmentally-friendly home. Don’t forget to consult the helpful linked sources for more information too.


Source: http://www.kleenandfresh.co.uk/default.asp?contentID=622