A Cluttered Home is a Cluttered Mind

People often do not realize that a lot of stress and anxiety in their lives comes from the clutter in their home. Many studies have found that an unorganized and cluttered home creates persistent unease and discomfort. Decluttering your home is therefore an easy way to reduce your stress levels and clear your mind.

This useful infographic by Simply Maid gives helpful tips for decluttering your living spaces and for making sure that the clutter stays away from your home.

It explains that the best approach while decluttering your home is to declutter it room-by-room as this gives you a sense of accomplishment after finishing with a room and keeps you motivated. The infographic also gives different tips for removing clutter from different rooms of your home such as bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms, bathroom, living rooms etc.

To make the decluttering process simpler, the infographic by Simply Maid recommends a unique Three Box method for decluttering. This method forces you to evaluate each item in your home and store it in one of three different storage boxes with one box for storing the items you wish to keep, one for the items to be discarded, and one for the items intended for long-term storage.