Australia’s Livestock Export Industry Economic Statistics

Here are some key facts about the Australian livestock industry:

$24 B: The global livestock export trade (meat, dairy and breeding) is valued at $24 billion
$2B: Australia’s livestock export industry total export earnings (meat, dairy and breeding) valued at $2B
$7B: The entire Australian red meat and livestock sector contributes $7 billion to Australia’s GDB annually
1M: More than 1 million head of cattle exported from Australia per year, China and Japan being major breeder destinations
2 M: Close to 2 million head of sheep exported from Australia per year, with major destination including Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Israel and Malaysia.
10,000: Australian jobs supported by the Australian livestock export industry
#1: Australian animal welfare standards are amongst the best in the world
Top 10: Of the 130 livestock exporting nations around the world, Australia is ranked in the top ten in terms of annual volumes