Comics Take the Screen

This year’s TV lineup is action packed and full of action for sure. So we can say that comics take the screen, and this is not a surprise. The following infographic is dedicated to comics and their TV presence. As stated in the infographic, among the this year’s TV lineup are the following TV shows: the second seasons of Gotham and the Flash,
the fourth season of Arrow as well as the second season of the Walking Dead. On the other hand, another new TV shows such as Krypton, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl aired in the last months. What is more, the infographic provides information about the most valuable comic book movie franchises. According to the infographic, Spiderman generated more than $3 billion compared to the less than $1 billion generated by Marvel Avengers. Finally, you can read some little know facts about Batman, Superman and Superhero. For example, the original Superman was supposed to be bald and evil.

Comics Take the Screen Infographic