Domain Name Market

The following infographic provides valuable insight into the current domain name market. The infographic shows the DNS provider market share as well as the domain name registrars market share. If you are not familiar with the anatomy of a URL, this infographic shows the basic anatomy. What is more, the infographic gives some useful statistics related to country-wise total domains and the top 10 new gTLD domains. There are now 22 gTLD available for registration. According to the infographic, there are 58 million unique domain owners and more than 280 million domain names. The most popular top-level domains worldwide are com, net and org, which are the oldest TLDs. Additionally, info and Edu are used by only 1.45% and 0.27% respectively. Furthermore, the infographic shows some data about the total country-code TLD (ccTLD). On the other side, the ngTLD domains figures show that most used are the .berlin and .nuc domains. Besides, you will read more about the top 10 sites by sales price in million dollars. Among them are, and