First of its kind clothing

INTRODUCING A NEW SPECIES; Infused clothing to make your biology happy

WHY ITS DIFFERENT & HOW IT HELPS; There are wave frequency patterns or vibrations, that can enhance the function of our nervous systems which degrade over time. We infuse our inks with a special blend of frequencies that have been shown to help you re-balance the nervous system which awakens the rest of you.

The HolotypeHealth logo is the cornerstone of our unique interlocking design system and utilizes nature and geometry to help remind us of balance, control & awakening.  The HolotypeHealth frequency technology is infused into our inks and reacts to our natural bio-magnetic field bringing our bodies back to its intended neurological and biological rhythms in addition to acting as a barrier from the vast array of natural and unnatural disruptors.  The HolotypeHealth Symbols & Matching Colors have been carefully constructed to represent an emotion or action as your psychological reminder to help you to stay in your intended Mindset that is needed to help make your biology happy.