Health and Safety Statistics 2014/15

Looking at the headline figures, we can see that there’s been a year-on-year increase in fatalities from 136 in 2013/14 to 142 in 2014/15. Non-fatal injuries are down from with over half of reported accidents being slips and trips (28%) or handling, lifting or carrying injuries (23%). In the past year, an estimated 23.3 million working days have been lost to work related ill health, whilst workplace injuries have cost a further 4.1 million working days. The total cost to the economy was estimated to be in excess of £14 billion in 2013/14. There is still a long way to go and there are many more improvements that can be made to improve health and safety standards in the workplace. We can see that 12,430 enforcement notices have been issued.
The HSE have increased prosecutions in England and Wales by 6.3% to 586, whilst Local Authorities prosecuted 20% fewer cases with a total of 70. Occupational lung disease and cancer deaths stand at around 13,000 per year, mainly as a result of past exposure to dust and chemicals in the workplace, with more than half of these deaths attributed to exposure to asbestos. As the economy begins to recover and more people get back to work, this will create new challenges, particularly for expanding SME’s who may not have sufficient measures in place, or may under estimate the level of risk posed by their activities.