How To Find The Best Espresso Machine For You

It might seem simple, but buying the best espresso machine for you can actually be quite complicated. What is more, you should be familiar with the terminology about the coffee machines and common espresso terms. The first step to becoming a top-notch barista, start by understanding the information provided in the following infographic. This infographic pretends to be an espresso machine buying guide and help you make the best choice.

There are four key things you should be aware of in the beginning. To achieve the best-tasting shot of espresso, the temperature must be precise. Somewhere around 195 degrees is ideal.

In the second place, you can choose an espresso machine that internally does the grinding for you. Of course, you can opt for pre-made single portion packs of espresso that are ready to brew quick and easy.

The next important things to consider are the frothing and water filtration. As many espresso machines come with a steam wand to help you achieve that frothy texture you can also do it manually. When it comes to the water filtration, this built-in feature is available on some home espresso machines.

Furthermore, the following infographic showcases the main types of coffee machines. There are manual, capsule and automatic machines on the market now. Capsule coffee machines are considered to be the latest technology in coffee machines.

In the light of all the foregoing, the infographic provides a list of common espresso terms. While you are looking for a machine, you will come across a lot of unfamiliar terms. For that reason, it is vital to be aware of the key terminology. For example, „crema” is the golden foam-like layer at the top. A „carafe” is a removable receptacle in which brewed espresso will be collected. The part of the espresso machine that holds the coffee grounds is called pressure relief system.