Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever thought of the origins of the current zombie obsession? How zombies became a vital part of the popular culture? The following infographic illustrates the history of zombie creatures as well as important survival tips. It is interesting that zombies are a part of West African Voodoo religion. Consequently, slaves brought these beliefs to the New World.

This infographic will help you to stay safe in case of zombie attack. Besides, the infographic shows states to flee to or not to go. Among the safe cities are Baltimore, San Diego, Denver and Boston. However, do not travel to Tampa, Miami or Providence if you are afraid of zombies.

Furthermore, this zombie infographic shows a survival essentials list including water, fire-started kit, flashlights and guns. In case of zombie outbreak, avoid the following hot spots: malls, police stations and hospitals.

For more useful survival advice and information about zombie, creatures read on the infographic below.