The Game of Life

Most people look forward to retirement…after all there is a lot to finally see and do. We dream of the places we’ll travel to and the adventures we can finally partake in. But in order to finally achieve these goals, you have to prepare yourself from the unexpected. What if you have a severe fall, have a heart attack or suffer from a stroke? Retirees can also be victims of home burglaries, identification theft and more. It’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent these. The solution is simple: ADT home monitoring. ADT home monitored systems provided 24/7 home monitoring with rapid response.

In the event of an emergency, our systems provide two-way communication, which allows you to directly communicate with an ADT professional. In the event that the alarm is triggered—whether it’s a home burglary, fire, flood, etc., the appropriate emergency personnel will be contacted.

Make retirement worthwhile. ADT helps you enjoy things without the worry.