The History of the E-Cigarette and Vaping Devices

When in 1927 Joseph Robinson filed his patent for the first „electric vaporizer” he paved the way for vaping devices and e-cigarettes in future. Since then the history of the e-cigarettes and vaping devices is illustrated in the infographic below.

According to the infographic, credit for the first electronic cigarette goes to Herbert Gilbert, who filed a patent for a smokeless, no-tobacco cigarette in 1963. During the 20th century, the technology of vaping devices and e-cigarettes advanced significantly. Furthermore, in the 21st century, we witness the rapid development of the technology.

It is estimated that a total of 3,500 vape shops tallied in the US, with more constantly opening in different areas across the nation. The word „vape” not only makes into the Oxford English Dictionary, but it’s hailed as the publication’s Word of the Year.