Tiny Homes, Big Lives

The Micro Home Revolution infographic below is a great guide for getting to know more about the affordable housing revolution.

In recent years, news of people moving to tiny houses has circulated the media. From a family of 4 in a 196-square foot trailer house to a single man living in a cozy 83-square foot cabin, these stories show it’s possible to live in smaller dwellings while reducing expenses.

This infographic provides comprehensive information regarding the micro home revolution happening these days.

Time Magazine states the concept describes efforts by architects, activists, and frugal homeowners to craft beautiful, highly functional houses with a smaller space. For them, it’s a practical response to soaring housing costs and shrinking incomes.

The infographic informs how small the tiny home actually is. Find out more about the history of this micro home revolution. Read also about the tiny home initiatives in progress.

The following infographic presents the advantages of living in compact houses. Check a visual comparison between the tiny home and traditional home.

When it comes to alternatives to tiny housing, the infographic also provides valuable information. Among the mentioned benefits of living in tiny homes are avoiding living in debt, being environmentally friendly with less space along with less maintenance needed and allowing flexibility. However, check where you can build first. Zoning laws may discourage building in certain states.

In a nutshell, those looking for more affordable housing may consider eco-friendly micro homes. However, it comes with unique responsibilities. Before buying a tiny house, you must research where you can live legally. It also involves a lot of DIY – craftsmanship.

Living small has some challenges, but downsizing to manage debt is truly possible.

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