Visual Merchandising & the 5 Senses of Retail

When it comes to visual merchandising, most store owners & marketers tend to ignore any other senses other than sight. In some ways, this makes sense, since most customers tend to focus on the visual aspects, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be more than receptive to have their other senses stimulated.

Be it through inducing various moods by leveraging the sense of hearing with great music selections, or through using different scents & fragrances that might resonate with the brand, store atmosphere or just the season (think of cinnamon on Christmas).

Visual merchandising can at times be leveraged through touch (especially related to fabrics for example – think of bedding, sheets etc. A practical example would be displaying various types of fabrics for customers to “feel”.) and even taste (well, yes, this one’s a bit more niche – you do have to sell something food related).

All of this and even more that play into the visual merchandising strategy are detailed in our infographic. We hope you do enjoy and put it to good use.